Erasmus + Internship in our Association

This year has special significance for our Association because this year we have our recent graduate Intern. Anita Petrović is 26 and she comes from Croatia. Anita done her Master in History and History Education on University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and she will do her Internship in our Association. She specialized in Medieval History but the focus of her research is complete history for which one she was awarded with Rector's award. She also participated in various number of EU mobility programmes (Portugal, France, Netherland, UK, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria,Denmark, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland...).

Internship will include the planning and maintenance of workshops, festivals and exhibitions in the field of Contemporary Art and History. Eventually, certain festivals and cultural events would be held for foreign and neighboring minorities. The purpose of the workshop is to bring European and world History and Art closer to Austrian public and to minorities. One of the main domains is also combining branches of Contemporary Art with various workshops, exhibitions and events. Through thematic workshops, we aim to include national minorities in order to learn more and to have their knowledge and information at their history as they are not in their home country.

Association will prepared some courses for our Intern which will gained some theoretical background in Art and Associtaion's work. We have an excellent environment for reaching this goal. Therefore we will provide all the help our Intern will need for feeling better and more comfortable in our association.

She will improve her academic knowledge about History and Art. She will also improve her organisational skill, national group works, everyday communication. The aim of her work will be also sharing her knowledge, sharing experience and ideas. She will try to learn new learning methods through critical thinking. She will be active in local community and being opened to cooperate with other cultures. She will prepare some thematic workshops and cultural nights. For more informations and event stay tuned and follow our page.

Anita Petrović, 25.05.1993, Zagreb (Đakovo) Croatia.

*univ. bacc. hist. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Pula, Pula (Croatia)

*mag. educ. hist, mag. hist.Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb (Croatia)

Part of EU mobility programmes:

YE Romania : "Be the leader of your life"

YE Poland: "Eastern cultures for overcoming barrriers"

YE Greece: "React to fear"

YE Czech Repulic: " Experience the Medieval"

TC Croatia: "Training course on decision-making processes, democracy and conflict resoulution"

YE Bulgaria: "You are different but seen through my eyes"

YE United Kingdom: " Mission Vission"

YE Denmark: " Communication a key to success"

YE France: " For an another option of dinner- FOOD"

TC Croatia "Human rights education for european values equalization" (organizer)

YE Netherland: "RestArt"

APV "Acculturation Under Diversity”

YE Portugal: "Acculturation Under Diversity”

YE Slovenia: " Deeper Media"

Honours and awards:

Rector's award "Epigrafic heritage of the town of Samobor between 13th and 18th century"

Published article in a journal EPVLON (University of Pula)